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If you don’t know us just yet, let’s start by saying that we’re kind of a big deal in the bridal alterations world and we have worked hard to earn that reputation!

What sets us apart is the environment we’ve created here; one of professionalism and fun. We are known for being a calming presence for our clients while also being your biggest hype- beasts! We give each client and their garment individualized attention from start to finish. From communications and setting up your appointments, to solving fit issues, to perfectly pressing your dress for pickup, we’ve got your
back—and we’ve got plenty of hugs and happy dances to go around as we help get you to the aisle.

Our team has decades worth of experience at sewing and creative problem-solving and we are always studying, trying new techniques and learning from our broader seamstress community. We stay up-to-date on the latest fashion styles and gown construction and we’re also proud of the strong relationships and trust we have with area retailers.


We LOVE keeping clothes alive or breathing new life into an heirloom piece (such as your mother’s dress, etc.). Whether you’re looking to have something revived for your shower, rehearsal dinner, or even the big day itself, our remodeling and redesign services for vintage pieces are a great avenue to consider.


We offer cleaning, preservations and even vintage restoration services for anyone—not just our alterations clients.

For those who’ve purchased a sample dress that might need a little love or a vintage gown that needs to be revived to its original beauty, we can get started before we even begin the alterations process.


Don’t want to see your wedding dress end up in a box in your closet after the big day? We can make you a stylish jacket so you can get the most out of your investment and turn it into streetwear.

For DOUBLE the fashion, in some cases we can even make you the jacket while making you a short version of your dress. Our signature Bridal Bomber is a great way to be able to enjoy your gown for years to come.



Drop us a line about your particular needs as we are always here to guide and assist you.
Remember, if we can’t take on a project, we probably know someone awesome who can!