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There is no minimum or maximum cost for alterations. It’s impossible to estimate a cost without seeing your exact garment IN PERSON. Though it can vary, about 90% of our tickets cost between $700 and $900. If you’d like to start with a consultation, there is a $100 non-refundable fitting fee. This is to cover the time it takes to meet you and give you a proper fitting.

*Please note that the non-refundable booking fee is a separate charge to hold your spot on our reservation list. If you decide to continue with us for the alterations process, this fee will be applied towards the cost of the total bill.

How much do alterations cost?

How many fittings will I need and how long do they take?

For bridal clients, we typically conduct 2 fittings (about 45 min each), followed by a final fitting/pickup appointment which is longer (about 1.5 hours). Please note, there is no minimum or maximum number of fittings. The amount of alterations needed, as well as factors (i.e. your availability, travel, etc.) all determine how we schedule appointments.

ASAP! We maintain a reservation list ahead of our seasons, so we’ll hold you a spot based on your wedding date once you have paid your nonrefundable booking fee. This list usually becomes full early, so we encourage prospective clients to reserve their spot as soon as possible. Being on the list WILL guarantee you a slot with us even if we haven’t scheduled your actual fittings yet.

Once the new year begins, we start scheduling our clients in order by wedding date. You’ll hear from us via text or email when it’s time to formally schedule your fitting appointments. We’ll begin your fitting appointments about 8 weeks ahead of the wedding date or travel date.

When should I get in touch?

Why is the final fitting a longer appointment?

When you arrive for your final fitting, you should expect your dress to be mostly, if not completely, pressed and ready to go home with you. We’ll have you try on your item to ensure a proper fit and your complete satisfaction. If all is well, we’ll package it so you can take it home. However, many things can happen leading up to the final appointment which can result in last minute adjustments that may need to be made. We block out a longer appointment so that any small adjustments can be made on the spot, and you can still take your dress or garment home that day. If a garment needs more serious final adjustments, you may be asked to come back for pick-up later in the day or on another day.

What should I bring to my fittings?

You MUST bring your shoes with you to all of your fittings. We don’t recommend a “similar” shoe as they will still be different and we can’t accurately mark your hem or pin your bustle without THE SHOES. For your first fitting, we recommend you bring any undergarments that you might like to try. Spanx, hosiery, bras, tape—whatever you’re thinking, we should discuss it or try it all. We have bust cups and other things available but we will try to work with whatever makes you feel your best. Anything you wear underneath affects the fit so we must see it all on you at EACH of your fitting appointments.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We currently accept cash, check or Venmo for payment. You may choose to pay incrementally over the course of the fitting process, or all at once. However, if there’s a balance left at your final fitting/pickup, we do not accept personal checks at that time.

When do I pick up my dress and what do I do after I have it?

We meticulously press each gown before it leaves the studio. For this reason, we recommend picking the dress up as close to the wedding date as possible.

Once the gown is picked up, it should be brought somewhere clean and free from things like food smells or pets. If the gown has a train, it should be let down with everything removed from the bag, including the veil. To avoid re-wrinkling, hang the dress as high up as you can and spread the veil and the train. If this isn’t possible, keep the item and accessories in the garment bag until the morning of your event. Items may need to be lightly steamed again as some wrinkling can occur in the bag.

What are your hours?

We operate by appointment only and typically conduct fittings Tuesday through Friday from 9:30am – 5pm with some evening appointments available on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

Where are you located?

Our studio is located in Three Oaks Plaza at 415 Killingworth Road in Higganum, Connecticut directly off Exit 15 (old Exit 9) on Route 9. Once you’re here, enter through the double doors towards the middle of the building. You’ll find us at Unit 9 on the second floor—you can’t miss our pink door!

Sew FAQing what?

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